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  • Deborah Antonetty

    Location : New York, NY
    Industry : Jewelry

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  • Wayne Hesler

    Location : Utica, NY
    Industry : IT: Web Design

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  • Lidio Rancharan

    Location : New York, NY
    Industry : Finance

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  • Kate Ouellette

    Location : Hampstead, NH
    Industry : Engineering

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New York State Business Network

With an integrated infrastructure across the country, NY-SBN offers an exclusive partnership and online platform specific to building business connections on a local, state and national level.

Through multiple mediums designed to enhance careers and stimulate business growth, the New York State Business Network is equipped with the expertise, tools and connectivity to help our members increase their sphere of influence while making strategic alliances vital to their success.

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Are you looking to publish your ideas and become a known as an expert in your field? Join other members in being a participating author for our much acclaimed national magazine, Work + Life.

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